Intelligent Guessing

About ten years ago I created a website at Sierra College, providing information that relates to utilizing “intelligent guessing” concepts when trying to pass certification exams. I’m moving that information over to this site as an alternative as I expand my efforts to students from across the country.


Preparation Course for Taking

Multiple Choice Examinations


The purpose of this site is to provide students at Sierra College with the opportunity to improve their scores on multiple choice exams through a systematic process designed to incorporate time management and intelligent guessing.  Completion of this course should take around one hour.  It is important that the instructions in the video be followed exactly.  There are two (2) quiz taking periods of fifteen (15) minutes each.  The proctor will need to pause the videos during those periods and watch the clock so students are limited to the fifteen (15) minute quiz period.

Prior to showing the video to students, the proctor will need to download the documents listed below.  Students need to be given the documents in a specific order and at a specific time during the video.  The proctor will be required to collect some of these documents for analysis.  Documents can be downloaded to the local computer by clicking on the links below and downloading the .PDF file. Save them in a location where they can be retrieved for printing.  Each student will need one copy of each document. Also include the second video that explains how to approach “Performance Based Questions.” The purpose of these questions is to measure an understanding of actual hands-on activities in a simulated environment.


Document Links
Quiz A  Quiz A
Quiz A Answer Sheet Quiz A Answer Sheet
Rules for Intelligent Guessing Rules for Intelligent Guessing
Quiz B Quiz B
Quiz B Answer Sheet Quiz B Answer Sheet

Video Instruction Presentation

You can watch the video by clicking on the link above to access the YouTube video.

Below is a link to a video that discusses “Performance Based Questions.” The information on CompTIA’s website can be accessed by clicking HERE. The video details thoughts that relate to how to deal with these questions and potential pitfalls relating to proper time management when taking the certification exam.

Video on Performance Based Questions




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