MCSA – Server 2012

The relatively long process associated with studying the MOC (Microsoft Official Curriculum), books, and utilizing my friend Google, resulted in success in the testing booth this morning.  Passed the 70-417 exam with good scores (925/887/833), with a minimum passing score of 700 necessary (see scoring sheet below).  This 70-417 exam is a shortcut to the 70-410, 70-411, and 70-412 exams.  Having previously achieved the MCITP certification, taking this single exam enabled me to achieve the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Windows Server 2012 certification.

Since my recent focus has been on virtualization technology (VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V), next on the test taking agenda are the 70-246 and 70-247 certifications, which when passed will complete the exams required for the Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) Private Cloud certification.

I’d love to knock out the these two certification exams during semester break (12/10 to 01/28), but have some other things on my agenda, that I may have to let slide (considering not taking the Java training class in mid January).

Success on the Implementation Support Specialist Exam

Like the Technical/Software Support exam, it took me slightly over an hour to complete the 125 question Implementation Support Specialist exam.  Once again the principles I lay out in my Intelligent Guessing technique website worked.  With an apparent maximum score of 600, I’m pleased with my 576 (passing score is 500).  Thankfully given my 54% score in the “Terminology in Heal Care and Public Health Settings,” I’m glad most of the focus for this exam is on IT related subjects. Below is the exam scoring sheet and the “suitable for framing” certificate.  I still remain confused as to whether I am now hold a HIT Pro certificate, certification, credential, or ?  Again, perhaps one of you could enlighten me.

Next certification effort will be the Microsoft 70-417 exam that relates specifically to Windows Server 2012.  Passing it will result in me satisfying the MCSA 2012 certification (since I currently hold the MCITP: Virtualization Administration certification). After that I will start working to pass the remaining certification exams necessary to obtain the new MCSE: Private Cloud certification (Exams 70-246 and 70-247).



HIT Pro Information Support Specialist Exam Scheduled

I just set the exam date for Sunday, November 25th.  I’m feeling comfortable about taking the HIT Pro Implementation Support Specialist (ISS) exam.  Component 3 primarily focuses on medical terminology, which is certainly not one of my strong points.  But since that represents only one of the seven components that are the focus on this exam and I did reasonably well on the Technical/Software Support (TSS) exam that was covered in the other six components, I am more confident going into the ISS exam than I was the TSS exam.  I’l post my results on Sunday.

After this exam I am going to start focusing on the Windows Server 2012 exam series.  The initial exam will be the 70-417 exam.  Based upon what I’m reading this will give me the MCSA 2012 certification.  From there I’ll need to take two additional exams and I’ll have Micrusoft’s new MCSE certification.


Next Step Competency – Implementation Support Specialist

Having tasted HIT Pro success, I’ve spent a little time determining which certification I should tackle next.  Given my desire to leverage the study efforts spent on the Technician/Software Support exam, I used the chart shown below and decided that if all I needed to do was to study Component 3 (Terminology in Health Care and Public Health Settings), I would focus on the Implementation Support Specialist exam next.  I am back on the stationary bike, gaining knee strength and flexibility, and listening to the lecture audio files for component 3.  Additionally I formatted the component 3 self-assessment questions into a Trandumper format.  I’m planning to take the exam somewhere around the Thanksgiving holiday.


Success on the Technical/Software Support Exam

It took me slightly over an hour to complete the 125 question exam.  Once again the principles I lay out in my Intelligent Guessing technique worked (see previous blog post for the link to my content).  I have no idea what the maximum score is or whether my 569 score is respectable (passing score is 500).  Below is the exam scoring sheet and the “suitable for framing” certificate.  I remain confused as to whether I am now hold a HIT Pro certificate, certification, credential, or ?  Perhaps one of you could enlighten me.




HIT Pro – Final Prep for Technical/Software Support Exam

Having set a deadline for the Technical/Software Support certification exam for November 10th in my prior blog posting, I’m pleased to report that I’ve scheduled the certification exam for tomorrow morning (November 5th).  I did manage to work my way through the audio lectures that were in Components 7, 8, 9, 11, 14, and 16.  I did not listen to the lectures for component 4, simply based upon my familiarity with component 4 content since I’ve been teaching in the areas covered by this component for years.

Once I finished the lectues I reviewed the self assessments for all of the components.  That effort included formatting  all of the multiple choice and true false questions in a manner so they could be imported into the Trandumper test engine.  This test engine provides a user interface that is similiar in its appearance and features to the test engine utilized by PearsonVue for multiple choice certification exams.

One Trandumper feature I really like is you can create tests that are composed of exam questions you have missed.  This approach has worked well for me in the past and I’m hopeful that I’ll have positive results tomorrow.  I have learned to adopt a similiar pattern when taking certification exams.  I usually take them at 10:00a.m. and don’t eat before the exam.  I use a “three pass” technique and follow an approach that I’ve identified as intelligent guessing.  For those who are interested, my approach is outlined in detail on my “Intelligent Guessing” website and includes a video explaining the process.  I strongly recommend viewing the video and completing its exercises.

I’ll report out my results after tomorrow’s exam along with a general analysis of the exam including my ideas about whether it is challenging enough to provide a measure of subject matter competency.