Next Certification Goal = CompTIA Server+

While I’m just about sure I took the CompTIA Server+ certification exam way back before the beginning of the century (can you recall Netware 3.12 days), it doesn’t show that I did so on my transcript that’s available on the CompTIA Certmetrics site. So I’ve decided to tackle that certification next. The SK0-003 is the newest version of the exam, issued in 2009. In certification exam terms, that makes the exam somewhat ancient. Nevertheless, given that it is one of the few certifications I apparently don’t have, I might as well get since with my employment status (as both a trainer and a college professor), I can take the exam at no cost (much better than the $261 retail cost for the exam).

Focal point for studying is the SK0-003 Exam Objectives. My sense is the exam won’t be all that challenging. I plan to study over the next week while I’m vacationing in Washington (fishing with my friend Howard). I will return from the trip sometime around July 7th and see if I can schedule the exam for a date shortly thereafter.


Online Teaching Conference Presentation (Long Beach, CA — June 20, 2013)

This Thursday I will be attending the Online Teaching Conference giving a presentation titled “Adobe Captivate – An Online Text to Speech Presentation Solution.” The presentation description is:

With Adobe’s Captivate software, you can create PowerPoint based online presentations that provide text to speech conversion of your written lecture content utilizing easy to understand and pleasant computer generated voices. Final presentations are easily modifiable by simply making changes to the text and then regenerating the audio. Video content can be produced in either Flash or HTML5 format, providing the ability for students to view the content on any device. Presentations can be designed to meet ADA requirements including closed captioning.

My plan is to “record” the presentation and place it on my presentation website.


Success on the VMware VCP5-DT Certification Exam

The week in the online TTT (train-the-trainer) course through CSSIA, coupled with a last few of days of intensive studying and playing with the Horizon View product in the NETLABS+ environment enabled me to score well (449/500) on the VCP5-DT certification exam this morning (see scoring report below). So now I’m facing a decision relative to which certification I will tackle next. I have signed up for the beta CompTIA certification exams for IOS and Android mobile security, planning to take them in late July. Unfortunately CompTIA notified me by email that I had better reschedule those exams for sometime this month or it is unlikely I will be able to take them. So I’m giving myself a day to figure out what to do.


MPICT Faculty Development Week

I am enjoying the week’s conference here in Orange County at Coastline Community College with approximately 100 of my faculty colleagues. The course I’m taking relates specifically to “big data” with a focus on website analytics. Amazing what “they” are able to capture from us every time we visit a website. Today’s lunch presenter was Nicholas Xenos, the senior manager for Juniper Networks’ Global Academics Alliances program. I got to briefly talk to him during dinner and it looks like there is a real possibility that I will be adding Juniper content to some of my courses this next academic year. My effort next week after I take the VMware Horizon View certification is  learn more about the Academic Alliance program. That effort will likely look at obtaining an appropriate certification based upon the level of instruction.

VMware Horizon View Class

I completed my first WebEx online class with Rick Watson with VMware’s Academy Program as the instructor. This was a TTT (Train the Trainer)  four (4) day course. Labs were completed through Net Development Group’s NetLab+ “virtual online lab” (see photo below). The more I get the opportunity to use the NetLab+ product, the more I sense that I need to do what I can to make sure that it is available for the courses I teach at Sierra College.

Rick did a great job and with Jason from NetDevGroup providing real time lab support, I was able to avoid the frustration associated with having to redo labs when I made a mistake. Thanks again to CSSIA for the opportunity to take this course.

I have scheduled the VCP-DT exam at PearsonVue for Tuesday, June 11th. I’ll spend my evenings this next week studying the course manual and the VMware View Evaluators Guide.pdf. During the daylight hours I’m going to be at Coastline College in Southern California, taking a course titled “Fundamentals of Business Intelligence, Big Data and Web Analytics,” that is being offered by the Mid-Pacific ICT.VMwareWebExClass