Returning to the Certification Efforts… Passing the SY0-501 Security+ Exam

I took over a year to return to posting to this blog. That year has not been entirely without activity. I took and passed both the old and new CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification exam, learning last month that I’d passed the beta exam for the new IT Fundamentals+ certification. Today I took and managed to pass the newest version of the Security+ exam. I found it more challenging than earlier versions, likely as a consequence to my being outside of the instructor role for a while.

Linthicum SY0-501Score Report

The next goal is to focus on the relatively new Cloud+ (cv0-002) exam. I’m doing it because according to my transcript that certification exam needs to be taken and passed by February 2019 in order for me to remain certified. There are alternatives to certification maintenance, but from a practical standpoint it is simply an easier approach to take the new exam. The process for me initially starts by looking at the exam objectives. A first step when analyzing the objectives is I create a worksheet that will enable me to make notes where I find the need to “dig deeper” when it comes to specific objectives. I can’t overstate the importance of this process. As I go through the worksheet, I’ll input areas where additional information is needed and note what I find as the result of online research.

Based upon my recent experience in taking the Security+ exam, I’m going to do additional foundation work before I start filling out the worksheet. Utilizing the VitalSource eduator’s website, after a little research that involved viewing reviews associated with textbooks aligned with this exam, I’ve elected to use the Study Guide authored by Todd Montgomery and Stephen Olson. I use the ebook version because the application enables me to adjust font size, and it is very convenient to read utilizing my iPad. Plan as mentioned above is to complete the book and worksheet by the first week in November, taking the exam shortly thereafter.